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Everything you need to know about sun protection

The wonderful sun in the summer is a pleasure to sit in, but too much exposure to it can be harmful to your skin, your interior and the room heat up considerably. That is why more and more residents of modern homes and buildings are choosing to install sun protection immediately during construction. In this blog post we take a closer look at what exactly sun protection is, why you should have it and what different options are available.

The need for sun protection

Whether it's for your home, office or commercial space, sun blinds provide crucial protection against harmful UV rays. It not only protects your skin against sunburn and wrinkles, but also helps prevent discoloration of furniture, floors and curtains. The sun is nice, but too much can quickly become harmful.

In the summer, the sun is the main form of heating in your home. With sun blinds you can keep a lot of heat outside the home and your indoor spaces remain cool in a passive way. That passive part makes sun protection a very efficient way of cooling your home. Read the difference between air conditioning and sun blinds here.

Types of sun protection

There are several types of sun blinds available, each with their own unique features and applications. We have listed the different sun blinds for you:

Folding arm awnings are ideal for the terrace or balcony. Make the hottest part of the day a lot cooler on the terrace by opening your awning. They automatically provide a more pleasant indoor climate.

Drop-down awnings are ideal for cooling a balcony or indoor space. They keep the sun out of the house while still allowing light to enter. So they do not darken completely.

Screens are ideal against the windows where you spend time during the day. Think of the living room, kitchen or office. Screens are available with different fabrics that have their own light transmittance.

Roller shutters are ideal for completely darkening a room, are burglar-resistant and sound-absorbing. Roller shutters are therefore often installed in bedrooms and in front of glass that you can reach more quickly.

Blinds, shades and canopies are also popular options that vary in design and functionality. We will discuss this further in this blog.

Materials and Designs

All sun protection products we supply from Degalux are made of metal and use Swela fabrics. Other materials are used more often in designer sun blinds such as blinds and pergolas.

The metal used in the Degalux sun blinds is first pre-treated so that water no longer stands a chance. After this, the cabinet is sprayed in the chosen color. Due to the multiple layers, the weather has less chance of damaging the materials.

The fabrics used in Degalux sun protection come from the Swela brand. Swela is one of the best known and oldest suppliers of cloth. The cloths are fixed again, but they sometimes need some maintenance. Read the entire maintenance blog here.

Installation and maintenance

Finding the right products is crucial. By finding the right products, good quality and a perfect fit, your sun protection will last extra long. With the right installation you can be sure that you get the most out of the product and that it does not suddenly blow off the facade.

We at STERK Zonweringen are happy to help you find the right products. Feel free to request a no-obligation quote or contact us .

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