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Shutters vs. Screens: Which One Do You Choose?

Roller Shutters: Complete Blackout and Security

Roller shutters are ideal for upper floors as they provide complete blackout, keeping bedrooms dark even in early daylight. This not only keeps the room cooler, but also ensures a safe environment due to their burglar-resistant properties, such as the anti-lift springs, which make lifting from outside difficult.

In addition to the sun protection function, roller shutters retain the heat in the house. In summer it can offer up to a 6 degree temperature difference compared to the outside temperature. It is of course also possible to place this on the ground floor for safety reasons.

Screens: Preservation of View and Working Comfort

Screens are more often chosen for the ground floors because they keep sunlight out without obstructing the view. This creates an open feeling and prevents annoying glare on screens, which is especially useful when working from home. Although they provide some insulation, they are not at the same level as roller shutters.

For example, do you have an office or do you regularly work in the room during the day? Then a screen may be a better solution for you.

Additional Options for Customization

STRONG Zonweringen offers unique roller shutters with additional options, such as inti-lift springs or sound absorbers (ideal when it rains). In addition, there are options for roller shutters such as anti-noise tape and obstacle detection that prevent nuisance and damage.

Cost considerations

At STERK Zonweringen, prices for screens start from €219.00 and roller shutters from €169.00. The final costs depend on factors such as size and additional options, such as electric operation or smart home control. Curious about the price of your specific wishes? Discover it by putting together your roller shutter or screen without any obligation.

In general, screens are a cheaper option compared to roller shutters.

Main Differences: Blackout and Security

The main differences between roller shutters and screens are the degree of blackout, safety and the ability to see through them. Roller shutters offer complete blackout and are burglar-resistant thanks to anti-lift springs. The compact cabinet from STERK Zonweringen also makes them visually attractive. Screens are about preserving the view, making them easier to use during the day. The choice mainly depends on your specific needs.

The differences at a glance:

  • Roller shutters are blackout, screens let light through
  • Roller shutters are insulating, screens are not
  • You can look through screens, ideal for daytime use
  • Screens are a cheaper option than roller shutters
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