Zonwering extra makkelijk plaatsen met het zonnepaneel van STERK Zonweringen

Sun protection without wire: sun powered

With the latest motor package from STERK Zonweringen, your sun blinds can be installed very easily and smoothly. You no longer have to connect electricity to the sun blinds. Drilling through the facade is no longer necessary. The battery is charged via the sun, which the sun blinds protect you from.

Easy and fast Installation

With sun blinds powered by the sun, you enjoy energy-neutral sun blinds that are durable and easy to install. Save time and money on installation and use less electricity.

The same power of the Solar Motor

The sun protection motor is basically the same as our standard motors. The supplement is in the battery which is mounted on the engine. There is therefore no difference in safety between the standard motor and the solar motor.

Because the same motor is used as the basis for the solar motor, it also has anti-lift springs. The roller shutters cannot be lifted using these springs.

Up to 100 movements

We know that the sun does not shine every day. That is why the battery has been developed to open and close a roller shutter or screen up to 100 times. You can also order this battery charger . If you unexpectedly find yourself without electricity, you can charge the battery.


We are confident that the solar motor will provide the best performance and durability. That is why we also offer you a 3-year warranty on the solar motor.

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