De 4 grootste voordelen van zonwering: meer dan alleen schaduw

The 4 biggest advantages of sun protection: more than just shade

The sun can be wonderful, but too much sun is not good for you. Sun protection is a perfect way to provide shade, but its benefits go much further than that. In this blog post we take a closer look at the many benefits of sun protection and why it is an essential addition to your home or office.

1. Protection against UV rays

The sun is an important source of vitamin D. While we as Dutch people have too little of it in the winter, we quickly have too much of it in the summer. High levels of UV rays can lead to serious health problems, including skin cancer.

Sun protection offers a comfortable and easy way of protection against the sun. By placing the sun blinds tactically, think of the terrace, it can quickly provide a lot of protection for everyone under the screen.

2. Energy saving and climate control

In addition to protecting our health, sun protection can also help reduce energy costs and improve a building's energy efficiency.

As the Netherlands faces increasingly warmer summers, protection is becoming a must. Sun blinds can prevent direct sunlight, which helps lower the indoor temperature. By cooling your home or office in this passive way, any air conditioning does not have to run as hard.

The results can be enormous. This way you limit your energy bill costs. The effect of the loudly running air conditioning is also very negative. You can also help the environment a little further.

3. Protection of Interior and Furniture

Prolonged direct sunlight can lead to discoloration and damage to floors and furniture. Sun protection prevents direct sunlight, so your furniture will discolour less. And especially the part that is in direct sun.

4. Comfort and Livability

The last and biggest difference is comfort through your sun protection. Enjoy the wonderful summer evenings or the fresh air in the middle of the day without having to sit in direct sunlight. It makes your hot terrace comfortable and the temperature remains pleasant in your home.

Sun protection is an increasingly popular choice to make your home greener and more comfortable. Read more in our blog " everything you need to know about sun protection "

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