Control your sun blinds as desired

Sun blinds can be operated wired or wirelessly. So you can choose a handheld transmitter for all your devices. Or opt for multiple wall transmitters. Wired is often more competitively priced and works more consistently. However, you need to install cabling for this.

Gira draaiknop voor bedrade zonwering - STERK Zonweringen

Which service do you choose?

You choose how to operate your sun blinds based on the motor you have. First of all, you need to determine whether you have a wireless or wired motor. With wired, you choose a switch that suits your situation.

Kies voor draadloze zonwering bediening van STERK Zonweringen

Wireless control from STRONG

For wireless control, choose the white handheld transmitters from STERK Zonweringen. This way you can operate the sun blinds smoothly and easily.

Smart Zonwering van Somfy

Somfy operation

If you have a Somfy motor, you can connect it to the Somfy control. This can be operated with the handheld transmitters or telephone.

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